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Senate Dems propose massive ‘hazard pay’ spending bill for first responders, doctors and grocery workers


Senate Democrats are pushing a “hazard pay” proposal for first responders and so-called “essential workers,” part of a new giant fund being planned.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer spoke before the press, suggesting the “hazard pay” and job incentive boost.

“Remember, not all heroes wear capes,” he said. “Some wear masks, some wear scrubs. These Americans are the true heroes of this pandemic. And we need to make sure they’re taken care of. They are there for us. We must be there for them.”

According to Fox News, the plan is not dissimilar to combat pay for troops deployed overseas and comes just days after the $2.2 trillion stimulus plan -known as the CARES Act- was passed.

Democrats would like to get the hazard pay bill in exchange in any fourth round of funding, but also wants funding for mail-in voting to be a top priority, too.

“We believe that a heroes fund should be part of the next phase of the Congressional response to COVID-19,” Schumer said. “No proposal will be complete without addressing the needs of our essential workers, by giving them hazard pay- a pandemic premium payment.”

The plan would boost the pay of “essential personnel,” giving them up to an additional $13 per hour. “Essential employees” range from police and paramedics to grocery store workers and postal employees.

“Social distancing is not an option,” Schumer said. “They are in the line of fire, day in and day out, to save others. In many cases that means longer shifts in fewer numbers, and an even more dangerous environment than normal.”

The GOP have similar plans, but one with less potential to skyrocket national debt even higher than it already is. Michigan Congressman Bill Huizenga has proposed a four-month federal income tax holiday for frontline workers in counties with at least one positive COVID-19 patient.

“These are really the people that are on the front lines,” Huizenga told Fox News last week. “They’re in a combat zone.”

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  1. Many of us work in Naval Ship Repair. We are asked to continue working. We are also DoD because Naval Ship Repair is under Government contracts. Do we fall under the Essential Hazard Bonus Pay as well?

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