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Security officer attacked for doing his job, told by supervisor it was ‘his fault’ during TV interview


A Texas security officer was doing his job when he confronted a group of young men trying to steal cars, including his own. The assault he took on was wild and made it into the hands of local media. Percy Payne agreed to an interview and that’s when the insult to his injury happened.

According to Fox 7, Payne noticed the young men sneaking down into the private underground garage he was in charge of protecting. He decided to confront them, chase them, and then was physically attacked by the two Hispanic men.

Payne said one tried to run him over with an electric scooter and another tried to stab him with a screwdriver.

He let them go and called the police. He was hurt but not badly.

When an Austin-area TV station found the video, they contacted Payne to talk to him about his experience. He was at the job in his uniform for the interview when his manager came up and began berating him in front of the cameras.

The conversation became heated and Payne asked the supervisor if she believed the attack was his fault. She responded, “I would say yes. Every bit of it.”

Payne then quit on the spot and turned in his uniform.

The security company says they are looking into the situation and did not comment further.

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