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Security guard pulls gun on deputy after he stopped at IRS office to ask a question


A converstation between a Lucas County Sheriff’s deputy and a security guard almost turned deadly after the guard pulled a gun on the deputy.

According to WTVG, the on-duty deputy stopped at the local IRS office to ask a question about a letter he received. The security guard told the deputy that he had to leave his service weapon in his vehicle, a request the deputy could not fulfill.

As the deputy was leaving the room the security guard walked up behind him with his weapon drawn.

The security guard tries to take the deputy, identified as Alan Gaston, into custody, but Gaston walks away and waits for Toledo police to arrive after someone called 911.

Deputy Gaston has filed a civil lawsuit against the security guard and company for emotional and psychological distress and lost wages.

Gaston has been on leave since the May incident.

The security guard, Seth Eklund, is facing aggravated menacing charges.

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  1. Very messed up situation for both the guard and officer. However, the guard was correct. His reaction was just a bit over the top. It is a federal building and the officer went there for personal business. On federal ground only federal LEOs or local LEOs working in an official capacity (like the 2 officers that responded to the scene) are permitted to carry firearms in federal jurisdictions.

  2. It applies to all federal facilities… I am both military police (Reserve now.. but been active too) and Federal Armed Emeregency Response Officer. The deputy is not above the law, even special agents not assigned to the area have to disarm before entering unless escorted by their local counterpart…… for some reason some cops always wana get into a ego match w/ federal armed staff. Both parties involved r at fault …. the deputy needs to comply with the person in charge in that jurisdiction and quit faking oh I was so scared need special leave (some snow flake big shot trainer u r huh? People in gun business don’t get this scared easily – so quit faking for money/lawsuite) the other guy could have been more tactful but is NOT obligated to if he sees and hears non-compliance.


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