Home News Security cam catches NYPD officer firing at BMW used in high-end robbery

Security cam catches NYPD officer firing at BMW used in high-end robbery


Security cameras caught an NYPD officer attempting to stop, chase down, and then fired three bullets into a BMW believed to be connected to a number of high-end robberies.

According to the NY Post, the vehicle in question drove up onto the sidewalk and hit a couple of pedestrians.

Police noticed the vehicle matched the description of a car seen leaving a high-end robbery. They pulled up and ran the plates on the BMW, which did not match. Officers then attempted to box the BMW and prevent it from fleeing.

The driver, desperate to leave, then popped the curb and began driving down it. Some pedestrians were lucky enough to dive out of the way before being struck.

NYPD Officer Corey Titus then pulled his firearm and shot three bullets at the BMW. One bullet struck the vehicle’s front window.

The BMW made it about a block before it struck a light pole. The driver and two passengers then ditched the car and ran away. Officers found a handgun and some blood inside the vehicle.

One suspect has been arrested after a short foot chase, the other two are still on the run.

The group is believed to be tied to the “Own Every Dollar” group which has killed at least one person. They are responsible for at least three brazen thefts.

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