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Secret Service agents view Hillary Clinton as worst duty assignment


Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady and current Democratic presidential candidate, is allegedly one of the most hated people under the protection of the Secret Service.

According to “The First Family Detail,” a new book written by Ron Kessler, both current and former Secret Service agents strongly despise being on Clinton’s detail. The book also revealed how the agents felt about protecting Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea.

The book depicts Chelsea Clinton as someone who respected and appreciated her security detail. President Clinton was described as a difficult chief executive who was also easy going.

However, the book describes Hillary Clinton as being the exact opposite of her husband and daughter. She is reportedly very rude and nasty to Secret Service agents.

“Hillary was very rude to agents, and she didn’t appear to like law enforcement or the military,” former Secret Service agent Lloyd Bulman recalled to Kessler.

Bulman also said, “She wouldn’t go over and meet military people or police officers, as most protectees do. She was just really rude to almost everybody. She’d act like she didn’t want you around, like you were beneath her.”

In his book, Kessler said Mrs. Clinton has two personas. When she is public, she smiles and acts graciously. “As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident,” he wrote.

The Daily Mirror reports that the book also claims that Hillary Clinton didn’t like the attire that military aides wore.

“Hillary didn’t like the military aides wearing their uniforms around the White House,” one former agent recounted to Kessler. She would ask them to wear business suits instead.

Another Secret Service agent told Kessler that Mrs. Clinton was never polite to the agents. “We spent years with her,” the Secret Service agent said to the author. “She never said thank you.”

The agent also told Kessler that, “If Hillary was walking down a hall, agents were supposed to hide behind drapes used as partitions.”

Kessler concluded his book by noting that Secret Service agents consider being assigned to Mrs. Clinton’s detail a form of punishment. He also added that agents consider her detail to be the worst duty assignment in the Secret Service.

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  1. That pretty much sums up what I’ve heard in conversations with former agents. One mentioned HC entering a room and stating rather nastily something along the lines of “What are THEY doing in here?” and had the agents removed from the room. He gave me the impression she had a great deal of disdain for the agents and military members around her.