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Second NYPD lawsuit demands freeze on promotions over questions given on lieutenant’s exam


nypdFirst there were claims of widespread cheating, now a group of NYPD sergeants is suing the dept because they claim the city failed to notify test-takers about certain topics that appeared on the lieutenants’ exam.

According to an exclusive report by the NY Daily News, there were three subjects –a total of 6 questions — on the test that were not included in the official notice of examination.

An attorney, representing the 8 NYPD sergeants in Manhattan Supreme Court, says she could be arguing for a freeze on promotions as early as today.

An earlier lawsuit alleged that an exam cheat sheet was posted on a popular law enforcement message board– which resulted in a distorted number of passing grades.

Last April, over 2000 officers sat for the exam, but only 164 passed the initial test according to an NYPD inquiry into the cheating allegations. Nearly half passed the make-up exam.

It was also alleged in the first lawsuit that officers taking the six-hour exam discussed the correct answers during their bathroom breaks.

The cheating claims were dismissed earlier this month in federal court. The judge declared that the suit had no merit because the NYPD sergeants hadn’t passed the test in the first place — the Daily News reported.

The nine sergeants named as plaintiffs in that suit sought to freeze promotions, but a city Law Dept. spokesperson said that there was no basis to stop them.


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