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Seattle OPA clears officers during CHOP zone clearing incident


Seattle’s Office of Police Accountability has cleared officers of any wrongdoing when they used their batons on two protestors earlier this year.

According to KIRO, a man and a woman refused to leave the CHOP zone in downtown Seattle after the Mayor ordered officers to clear the space. Officers used multiple non-violent attempts to get them to clear.

In the video in question, officers can be heard yelling commands to clear out and “get back.” The two people then charged at the officers, who responded by holding out their batons to push the two back.

The members of the police accountability board said body camera video was the determining factor. They said the video showed the officers giving clear and lawful commands while the protesters ignored them.

Those protesters say the cuts and chipped teeth they suffered came at the hands of the officers and their use of the batons. The video showed that it was the two of them colliding into each other that caused their injuries, not the officers’ actions.

The two protesters were arrested, though there was no word about charges.

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