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School Safety Officer disarms student with a knife during wild melee


Maura Grunlund

Staten Island Advance, N.Y.

Video of a melee involving students at Susan Wagner High School with what appears to be blood on the hallway floor is being shared on social media Friday, though officials say no one was stabbed in the incident.

A knife was taken away from a student during the fight, according to a source with knowledge of the incident.

Any blood seen at the school was from a nosebleed suffered by a 14-year-old student during the scuffle inside the high school at 1200 Manor Road, the source said.

A statement from the Department of Education confirmed “no one was stabbed,” but did not include further details.

The incident began as a dispute between the 14-year-old girl and another student of an unknown age, and School Safety agents removed the knife from the 14-year-old girl, according to the source.

Posted on a number of social media sites, the one-minute video shows the chaotic scene unfolding as a School Safety agent and an adult, presumably a teacher, try to separate kids before the camera focuses onto what appears to be a pool of blood on the hallway floor.

A crowd of about 25-30 kids are pictured crowded in the hallway watching the ordeal with some running away from the altercation or falling down at various points.

Two kids appear to be wrestling with the School Safety agent.

The agent struggles to restrain one of the students, who breaks away, and the agent falls to the floor as she tries to grab hold of the fleeing student.

The student appears to then re-engage in the conflict, as a group of about half a dozen students can be seen involved in the fight, with others gathered around adding to the sense of chaos.

In the din, as students shout amidst a host of shoving, at least one voice can be heard pleading with students involved to “stop,” and another shouts “she’s got a knife!”

As an adult male desperately tries to gain control of the situation, a student can be seen swinging what appears to be the knife, while an item that resembles a school book is thrown in the direction of the adult.

Parents and students contacted the Advance/SILive to express their safety concerns in light of the incident.

“I heard it first from down the hallway, it sounded like a fight but then it kept going and got louder and we heard that they had a knife,” said one student at the school. “People kept running and joining the fight like a riot. My friends said there was blood everywhere.”


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