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School board member calls officers “Concord Nazis” during park confrontation caught on viral video


A newly-elected Concord school board member is being asked to resigned after she yelled at police officers and called them, “Concord Nazis” during a confrontation at a closed playground.

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, Rochelle Kelly of the Weare School Board and other parents were allowing their children at a closed playground. The city had put up caution tape around the area to show people they were not allowed on the equipment or in the area, though the park itself remained up to the public.

In the video, which was posted to Facebook, you can see an officer calmly come up to the school board member and explain that they had to leave the playground, though they could still walk around the park.

Multiple parents then confront the officers. They begin to argue that whatever orders the officers were given by the Governor, are superceded by the U.S. Constitution. The same group then told officers that their tax money pays for their salaries and are thus their employees.

The officers tried multiple times to calm the situation, but only more people gathered around and argued.

At one point, the disagreement became so heated that multiple people started coughing on the two officers. Both retreated to their squad cars, though there was no clear understanding of whether the group of parents were cited.

The video has sparked such outrage in the community, that a change.org petition requesting the removal of the school board member has nearly reached it’s 5,000 signature goal.

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  1. Why wasn’t she arrested? Oh, it’s because she’s white. right? A black woman or black man who did this would be sitting in jail right now.
    Please arrest this woman.

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