Home News Santa’s getting a handgun: Sheriff’s office dragged online for ‘insensitive’ post

Santa’s getting a handgun: Sheriff’s office dragged online for ‘insensitive’ post

Source: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Twitter

A Colorado Sheriff’s Office is getting plenty of backlash online after it posted a photo of Santa Claus applying for a conceal and carry permit.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said it made the post to highlight the work of its staff in the conceal & carry Department and wanted to make it festive since it’s December.

The comments that followed the post were decidedly against the intent the Sheriff’s Office may have been going for.

Most described it as insensitive and ill-timed seeing as the Oxford, Michigan High School shooting happened earlier in the week.

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  1. I wouldn’t let it worry you folks; us concealed carriers are the least likely people to cause you any sort of trouble. FBI UCR stats even show that we are less likely to break the law than the Police.

    I still love you little Blue critters, by the way.


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