Home News San Mateo police hit pit bulls with patrol car to stop attacks 

San Mateo police hit pit bulls with patrol car to stop attacks 


Two pit bulls went on a rampage Wednesday morning, terrorizing a San Mateo neighborhood. When efforts to apprehend the dogs failed, police officers were forced to hit the animals with a patrol car.

According to the SF Gate, officers received a call around 9:30 a.m. from a “frantic” male caller stating he had been attacked and nearly bitten by two aggressive pit bulls, just a few blocks from San Mateo High School.

While officers were on their way to the scene, an additional three people called 911 to report that the dogs were chasing people around the neighborhood. The first officer to arrive saw the dogs and followed them in his patrol car until they ran into a yard and attacked a landscaper.

The landscaper defended himself with a leaf blower, using it to block the 70-pound dogs. The pit bulls repeatedly bit at him and the piece of equipment. In order to draw the dogs away from the man, the officer used his air horn to grab their attention.

According to police, the animals then began clawing and biting at the patrol car. Shortly after, they ran towards the high school. Police immediately had dispatchers alert the school officials, locking down the school and keeping the student indoors.

Meanwhile, additional officers arrived at the scene. They attempted to corner the dogs with their patrol cars, but were unsuccessful. The pit bulls only became more aggressive as the pursuit endured.

SF Gate reported that at one point a woman pushing her two children in a stroller had to put herself between her children and the dogs. Again, officers were able to divert the pit bulls by using their air horns. However, they were unable to contain them and they escaped.

This time the aggressive pair ran towards the campus of Stanbridge Academy. Fearing for the safety of the students at the school for children with learning disabilities, an officer hit both of the animals with his patrol car. One died instantly, while the other got up from the ground and ran home.

Officers from San Mateo County Animal Control surrounded the residence, which was less than half a mile away. They were able to capture and contain the remaining pit bull with the assistance of its owner.

“It is always our first intention to respond to and remedy aggressive or wild animal incidents in the most humane manner possible,” said San Mateo Police Department in a statement. “It’s unfortunate that the events of this incident did not allow for that to happen.”

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