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San Francisco police chief tells officers not to sit suspects on the ground; calls it ‘demeaning’


SFPD Chief William Scott. Credit: City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco’s police may no longer force suspects to sit on the ground, thanks to a memo from their chief that deems the practice “demeaning.”

In a recent written release to his officers, SFPD Chief William Scott that forcing a suspect to sit on the ground or sidewalk “should be done only as a last resort and only when necessary.”

Furthermore, the chief stated that the officer must document any time he seats an individual on the ground. Otherwise, the officer is advised to give the suspect a seat in their cruiser, provided “sufficient help is on the scene.”

An SFPD spokesman defended the new policy, saying it is “aligned with 21st century policing, our department values and our commitment to providing safety with respect to everyone whom our officers encounter”

According to Fox News, Scott has been the chief since January of last year and previously served 27 years with the LAPD.

San Francisco has seen a massive decline in recent years, with serious homeless, trash, drug and public defecation problems.

In February of this year, a local NBC-affiliate news station performed a survey of a 20-mile, 153-block downtown area stretch, finding trash on every street, as well as 100 drug needles and more than 300 piles of feces.

The rampant issues with mental illness, homelessness, feces, violence and drugs has proven to be a serious issue for tourism.

“Is this normal or am I in a ‘bad part of town?’” an Australian Reddit user asked the San-Fran community in June. “Just walked past numerous homeless off their faces, screaming and running all over the sidewalk near Twitter HQ and then a murder scene. Wife is scared to leave hotel now.”

“This town is embarrassing,” another user replied. “Watching families stream out of the Motel 6 on Geary and Larkin with dad wearing a ‘this isn’t so bad’ forced smile and mom looking around panicked was a several year running highlight for me.”

The new policy takes effect immediately.

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  1. Hey Chief Scott you probably shouldn’t let them ha d cuff people either if their under arrest because that’s demeaning as well :)!

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