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San Diego sheriff defends deputy who tasered teen


A struggle between a 13-year-old runaway and San Diego Sheriff’s deputy was caught on video, sparking allegations of police brutality.

Deputy Jeremy Banks shows the bite marks to his arms and hand injuries he sustained before tasering the 13-year-old runaway

Some bystanders claimed this was an out of control officer using too much force as he zapped the teen in the back with a stun gun. The two were wrestling on the ground when someone started videotaping with their cellphone. People could be heard shouting at the scene, “What the f–k, man” and “He’s a kid,” as the boy struggled to break free from the officer.

Sheriff Bill Gore is defending the deputy, saying his actions were justified. He says what the video doesn’t show is deputy Jeremy Banks asking the teen about 20 times to get in the car so he could drive him home. Deputy Banks had bite marks all over his arms, as seen in photos taken after the incident. The Sheriff says the situation escalated only after the teen started biting Deputy Banks and refused to follow his orders.

Deputy Banks' injuries.  Image credit: San Diego County Sheriff
Deputy Banks’ injuries. Image credit: San Diego County Sheriff

“The video shows the actions of someone who is not complying,” Sheriff Gore said in a statement. “He was wrestling with the deputy instead of just getting in the car to go home to his mother.”

The boy’s mom reported him missing on Friday, the fifth time he’d run away, according to an article in the NY Daily News. The teen was taken to a Juvenile correction facility. He is now facing felony charges of resisting arrest with injury to a deputy.  Sheriff Gore also stated the boy’s mother apologized for his behavior and was glad to have him back.


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