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San Antonio police officer commits suicide in patrol car



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The second-largest city in Texas is mourning the death of an officer who took his own life while sitting in his patrol car.

According to KSAT, the officer was found dead in his patrol car at around 7:30 am on the city’s East Side, dressed in full uniform with a gunshot wound to his head.

San Antonio PD says that the officer failed to return to his substation an hour prior, prompting other officers to go looking for him.

Truck driver Vincent Jordan said that when he saw the patrol car with no lights on, he was afraid he would be pulled over for failing to signal during a turn. However, the officer merely tapped his brake lights. When Jordan left half an hour later, he found it peculiar that the patrol vehicle was still sitting there.

“No officer sat here before,” Jordan said. “They sat down there before but never here. That’s unbelievable.”

SAPD is investigating the incident as a suicide, with chaplains and other SAPD service being made available to officers involved.


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