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San Antonio cop killer got married after ambush killing of detective while manhunt was underway



While a massive manhunt was underway for him, accused cop killer Otis McKane was in a heavily secured courthouse tying the knot.

MySA.com reports that McKane was in the Bexar County Courthouse seven hours before his arrest on Monday, for the slaying of Det. Benjamin Marconi.

McKane was reportedly issued a marriage license at 9:27 Monday morning after he and Christian Chanel Fields went before presiding Judge Walden Shelton. McKane was arrested at 4:20 that afternoon.

Image credit: Facebook.
Image credit: Facebook.

McKane shot and killed Marconi on Sunday, while the officer was issuing a citation to someone else. McKane allegedly pulled up behind Marconi’s cruiser and fired twice through the passenger window.

McKane was reportedly upset about a child custody battle he was embroiled in at the time of the shooting.  He told local media– as he was being led past camera crews to be booked –that he was upset at the situation he was in and “lashed out at someone who didn’t deserve it.”


McKane reportedly went into police headquarters early Sunday morning to ask about the custody case, but was unsatisfied with the answers he was getting. His black Mitsubishi Galant –which matched the description of the vehicle at the crime scene–was spotted later that morning by an officer responding to an unrelated call on Lombrano St.

McKane was apprehended Monday afternoon on I-10 after a nearly 30-hour manhunt, mySA.com reported. Fields, who is 27 years old, reportedly owns the white Buick that McKane was in at the time of his arrest.

Harris County records show that Fields has been arrested on at least two theft charges.


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