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Saintly Patience: 2 Denver police officers subject to incredible verbal abuse (graphic language)


Footage out of Colorado shows Denver Police dealing with hostile and downright obnoxious citizens, who hurl abuse and make threatening actions while DPD officers conduct business.

The 5-minute video was posted to Live Leak 13 days ago, and is titled “‘F*ck the police’ (Denver edition).”

Taken around 16th Street in the downtown area, the video shows two DPD officers standing about as a female citizen is filing a complaint on the hood of a police SUV.

Filming the incident, a man notices that the DPD officer’s body camera is obstructed by his jacket.

“Does your body cam function properly when you keep covering it up like that?” the cameraman says.

Despite the officer thanking him, the man made snide comments about requesting the footage in the future before asking for the officer’s name.

“She told you,” he said, pointing to the woman.

“Did I fu*king ask you what she told me?” the man snapped back angrily. “I asked you waht your name is. Answer the fu*king question.”

The officer immediately walked over to the man, instructing him not to lean on the cruiser while he is conducting official business.

“What’s your name, a**hole?” the man demanded.

The woman and the man then begin berating the police, shouting obscenities and screaming, prompting the officer -who by this point, is quite tired of the nonsense- to get in his vehicle.

When the officer is again forced to get out and ask the woman to stop writing on the hood of his vehicle, the couple then begin screaming “police brutality.”

The officer again mounts up, and causes a bus to slow down as he backs into the street, causing the couple to continue their shrieking.

“What is your name, servant?” the man demands as the police drive off, the officer issuing a badge number as he leaves.

The video ends with the cameraman giving the middle finger to police as they depart.

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  1. Personally it makes me shake my head to the ignorance of people like the one taking this video. If I was downtown, I would have waited for the cops to leave and then punch this guy in the face.


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