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Russian Puppets: Black Lives Matter, other anti-police groups were led by Russian State ‘Pied Pipers’ on social media


The Russian government has been linked to pro Black Lives Matter accounts on Twitter and Facebook- accounts that appear to have been created with the intent of fanning the flames of division and racial tension during the election.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in social media advertising and countless fake accounts have been linked to the Russian government’s attempts to cause division among Americans, primarily between blacks and whites.

Image credit: Twitter.

According to the New York Daily News, the Facebook account -titled “Blacktivist” had over 360,000 likes- a number just shy of the population of Miami, Florida and well over that of St. Louis, Missouri.

Image credit: Twitter.

The reports come after Twitter officials informed congressional investigators on Thursday of around 200 accounts with possible links to Russia.

Image credit: Twitter.

Last week, over 470 fake activist accounts and 3,000 Russia-linked ads were removed by Facebook on the grounds of inflammatory content.

Image credit: Twitter.

While congressional committees and news outlets such as CNN have been looking for evidence of collusion (many in the hopes of finding evidence against President Trump and the Republican party) with the Russians, it appears the clues may point in a different direction entirely, though nothing can be stated with absolute certainty until the investigation is concluded.

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