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Rochester officer watches as young women have ‘twerk off’ on his cruiser

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Image from video, below.

In a recent video, several women can be seen dancing on and around a Rochester police cruiser in the East End.

The video was shot and uploaded to Twitter early Saturday by Chris Barber under the handle @FollowZeLeader.

The police department and the officers who were on scene are taking criticism for allowing the ‘twerk’ off to take place.

According to WHEC Rochester, Police say the officers were assigned to the bar beat between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. According to the department, the women approached the officers and asked if they could take a photo of themselves with the police car.

When the officers stepped out of the photo, the women took the opportunity to highlight their twerk skills — on top of the cruiser.

Officers say the women acted so fact, they didn’t have the time to react.

Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli released the following statement regarding the incident:

“This weekend, a video surfaced of women “twerking” on one of our police vehicles.  We have looked into this matter, and we have received an explanation as to what transpired,” he said.

“Although the RPD personnel did not intend for this occur, the result was an inappropriate and unacceptable image for the Rochester Police Department.  This matter has already been addressed accordingly.

“We, as leaders of the Department, hold the Rochester Police Department, its uniform, and its symbols, in the highest regard.  We expect all our officers to do the same.  Our professionalism, both on- and off-duty, are a reflection of all Police Officers.”

The Democrat & Chronicle reports the officers stood idly by as the women defiled a taxpayer-funded, crime-fighting vehicle and onlookers hooted and hollered.

WHEC reports that Barber said he was out Friday night in the East End when the bars let out and heard the women ask the officer if they could take pictures while dancing on his car. He showed us a screen grab of the officer leaning on the hood.

But the police chief and union officials report that the officer told her later that she shouldn’t do that and their actions were unacceptable.

“And I think given what took place, he took proper steps to make sure the person was spoken to and made aware it’s not really the thing to do in future,” said Ralph Gagliano, of the Locust Club.

Rochester police spokesman Lt. Frank Camp said the officers were caught by surprise by the women.

After the women got off the car, he said, the officers confirmed there was no damage to the cruiser and a supervisor told the women what they did was “unacceptable.”

The women apologized and thanked the officers, he said.

Mayor Lovely Warren didn’t answer when WHEC asked her if the officer acted properly instead talked about the women’s behavior.

“When somebody says they want to take a picture and then they do something different, I take a step back and let the situation play out and I think that’s okay,” she said.


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