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Robert Kraft’s attorney calls sheriff a liar; claims his deputies broke the law while investigating sex trafficking case


The attorney of Robert Kraft has officially slung mud in the battle over the NFL owner’s prostitution scandal, accusing the Sheriff of Florida’s Martin County of being a liar.

Lawyer William Burck openly claimed falsehoods on the part of Martin County Sheriff Will Snyder, claiming the lawman is more interested in headlines than bringing criminals to task.

“He lied about it,” he Burck said. “His officers lied about it. I don’t really know what to say. I’ve never seen anything quite like that before.”

According to Yahoo Sports, Kraft was involved with a “happy ending” scenario during his multiple visits to the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, located in Palm Beach County. For those not geographically familiar with South Florida, Martin County and Palm Beach County share a border.

Kraft -who went through his attorney- pleaded not guilty in Palm Beach County Court on Tuesday.

Sheriff Snyder recently admitted that an investigation into a human trafficking ring, which included the spa, and by extension Kraft, revealed that the suspected crimes might not actually be trafficking.

Still, Snyder regrets nothing in regards to linking Kraft and others to the ring, as he was still there to get a service that was not legal.

“They can get all the high-priced attorneys they want and scream and yell that the cops are the bad ones,” Snyder said. “But the cops weren’t the ones who were having…sex in the spas.”

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is unique in South Florida due to it’s “no-nonsense” approach to law enforcement, which often pales in comparison to the more lenient and reserved agencies south of its border.

Kraft has since apologized publicly for his involvement.

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