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Riverdancing out of a DUI? Florida woman attempts an Irish dance as part of sobriety test


A Florida woman in Pinellas County is making her rounds on the internet, thanks to local deputies releasing dashcam footage of her trying to out of a DUI stop.

38-year-old Madeira Beach resident Amy Harrington was less than a mile from her home after she collided with another vehicle.

When Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on the scene, the responders claimed Harrington was out of sorts.

Screenshot from video below

Harrington “struggled to follow instructions, and was unsteady on her feet almost falling,” the arrest report reads.

According to the New York Post, the skirt-clad woman was dancing and acting rather foolishly, prompting officers to ask her to perform a field sobriety test.

“Do you want to pay attention so I can give you the instructions?” a deputy administering the test asked.

“Yeah, well, you sound like my ballet coach, so, sounds about right,” Harrington answered.

“That wasn’t good,” the deputy responded.

After reportedly busting out “multiple ballet and Irish folk dance moves,” Harrington later refused testing- which led to an automatic arrest for DUI.


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