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Retiring officer’s good deed goes viral on social media



Image credit: Lashambi B. Moore

Retiring officer Charlie Casserly of the Jersey City Police Department is getting a lot of “likes” on social media for lending a helping hand.

It all started when bystander Lashambi B. Moore shared a picture on Facebook Thursday of Casserly helping out a local teen. On one of his last days on the force, Officer Casserly helped a teen who was having trouble tying his tie.

Moore spoke with The Jersey Journal and said she took a picture of the incident because she wanted others to see the good deed.

“Charlie pulled the patrol car over, got out and spent nearly a half an hour teaching the young man how to tie a tie,” Moore posted on Facebook.

Moore said she posted it to make Casserly feel good about what he had done.

During the nearly 30-minute tutorial, Casserly tied the tie on himself so the young man could get a visual of how to properly tie a tie. After that, the young man then tied it on himself. Casserly even helped the young man fix the tie after he attempted to tie it himself.

Since the posting went viral, many users of Facebook are thanking Casserly for taking his job of protecting and serving to another level of caring. They think the act was very commendable and are also congratulating him on his retirement.

A Facebook user, Fletcher Gensamer wrote on the post, “Outstanding. More of this please. Thank you Officer Charlie for your service.”

According to IJ Review, the President of the Jersey City Police Officers’ Benevolent Association Carmine Disbrow said that Casserly’s actions are representative of the police department.

“This picture represents 40 years of Charlie Casserly not just being a law enforcement officer, but also of being a role model, a leader, and a mentor,” Dibrow said. “It also is an accurate depiction of why Officer Casserly, and so many other men and women, choose to wear the badge, and their efforts to make the communities they serve better and stronger.”

One of Casserly’s fellow officers spoke highly of him as well. “I’m not surprised. Casserly is one of the nicest guys on the force,” Juan Lopez said. “There are plenty more like him. Well done!”

Casserly declined to comment on the photo.

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