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Retired LA County deputy disappears during vacation in Greece

Retired LA County Deputy Albert Calibet has been missing since Tuesday.

Greek officials are currently searching for an American tourist and retired sheriff’s deputy who is believed to have gone missing on the island of Amorgos.

Albert Calibet, who vanished after hiking alone on the island, has not been seen since Tuesday afternoon, prompting a friend to report his disappearance.

Various agencies, including the Greek Coast Guard, volunteers and teams from neighboring islands Paros and Naxos, are involved in the search.

According to the BBC, officials are covering both land and sea in their search efforts, with the island’s Mayor Eleftherios Karaiskos mentioning that the search area spans nearly a quarter of the island.

Utilizing technology to aid in the search, authorities are using a drone to scan the northern part of Amorgos and trying to trace two mobile phones Calibet had in his person.

Calibet’s brother, Oliver, expressed his deep concern to Fox 11 TV in Los Angeles, emphasizing the urgency of finding his brother due to the risk of dehydration in the current Greek weather, which has been in the mid-nineties.

Mayor Karaiskos mentioned that the hiking route Calibet took is usually busy and not particularly difficult, raising the possibility that Calibet might have deviated from his intended path.

Calibet, a retired lawman from Los Angeles County, began his hike at around 7 in the morning on Tuesday in the village of Aegiali.

The American was aiming to reach Katapola, a journey estimated to only take about four hours.

Shortly after starting his hike, Calibet reportedly sent a text with a picture of the sign showing his planned route. At around 9:00 AM, a local woman named Sofia Liviaki saw Calibet buying drinks from a store. She told Mega TV that he drank a soft drink, showed her his route, and took a bottle of water with him for the rest of his hike.

The disappearance of Calibet has affected more than Americans who knew him in his home country— a regular visitor to the island, Calibet was both well known and popular amongst locals.

The deputy mayor for tourism, Popi Despotidi, speculated that there is a possibility Calibet might have felt dizzy and collapsed due to the extreme heat.

This incident comes just after the search for Dr. Michael Mosley, a well-known British TV doctor who went missing on the Greek island of Symi. Dr. Mosley’s body was eventually found in a rocky area, and investigators determined he died of natural causes on the day he disappeared.

The parallels between these two cases have raised concerns about the safety of tourists hiking alone on Greek islands.

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