Home News Rescued bait cat becomes part of North Carolina police department

Rescued bait cat becomes part of North Carolina police department


A police lieutenant in the North Carolina town of Hillsborough has a new assistant at work- and she’s a real survivor.

Officer Mercy Meow is new to the force, and was recruited only a few months ago from a rough part of town.

“It’s not many places you get to come to work with one of your good friends,” said Lt. Andy Simmons of the Hillsborough Police Department.

Mercy was a “bait cat,” traded on social media to be used in dog fighting training. Intercepted by Simmons and HPD, the cat traded in one of her nine lives to spend her days at police headquarters and boost morale.

“Her overall purpose is to make people smile, have a good time, hang out,” he said. “She’ll use officers [as a] jungle gym. She’ll climb up, sit on their shoulders. (She) greets everybody, I mean we’ll stop in here to pat her.”

While her addition to the agency wasn’t a planned event, she doesn’t seem to rub anyone the wrong way.

“I wouldn’t say it started as an official plan if you ask chief,” Simmons said.

According to KCBD, when Mercy gets a little older, she will spend her days as a housecat, entertaining his family.

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