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Reno officer placed on leave after being dragged by suspect & fired his weapon at the moving car


A Reno Police Sergeant is on administrative leave as the Department investigates whether or not he was within his right to use deadly force as he shot into the back of a fleeing suspect’s vehicle.

According to This Is Reno, Sgt. Carlos Valles was assisting a traffic stop with two other officers. The suspect, a male, was pulled over because they believed he was “prowling” the neighborhood that day.

Security cameras provided by homeowners show the suspect stopping and knocking on doors as if he was trying to identify which ones were occupied or not.

During the traffic stop, the man refuses to completely roll down his window despite multiple requests from all three officers. They explain he was being lawfully detained for a traffic violation. The suspect only says that he didn’t do anything and why.

Eventually, Sgt. Valles attempts to break the window after the man refused to comply. The suspect then begins to pull away. Sgt. Valles became stuck in the vehicle’s window and yells at the man to stop the car multiple times and threatens to begin shooting if he doesn’t.

Sgt. Valles eventually frees himself from the window after being dragged roughly 300 feet. He then draws his firearm and shoots three rounds into the vehicle.

The suspect was later found with a gunshot wound and was charged with multiple unknown citations.

Sgt. Valles is now facing an independent investigation into the firing of his weapon.

Reno Police have use-of-force policies that typically prohibit firing into vehicles.  “Discharging a firearm at or from a moving vehicle is generally prohibited and may only be used under the most extreme circumstances,” the policy states.

The county’s sheriff’s office has been called in to complete the investigation into Sgt. Valles.

It is uncertain what or how severe the penalties could be if Sgt. Valles is found to have broken Department policy.

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  1. Damn driver was dragging the good Sergeant down the street with his hand stuck in the window. That was endangering the Sergeant’s life. And the Reno PD is saying that firing into a moving vehicle is not allowed?
    I would have to say that whoever wrote that policy has never worked the street.

    • It’s not clear in the video that he is actually stuck. Regardless, the Sergeant was clearly free when he decided to shoot into a moving vehicle with houses in the background. He attempted to murder the driver in retribution, not because he continued to pose a threat.

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