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Released footage shows teen couple joking about killing father who forbid them from seeing each other


A trove of mobile phone video, texts and photos are now being used in a case involving two teens involved in a murderous “Romeo and Juliet” plot.

When Sierra Halseth, 16, and Aaron Guerrero, 18, were told they could no longer see each other by their parents, the two planned to run away to California together.

Not long after, the teens ended up allegedly killing Halseth’s father- and bragging about it in a video for YouTube.

“Welcome back to our YouTube channel … Day 3 after murdering somebody …,” Guerrero can be seen speaking into the camera.

“Whoa! Don’t put that on camera,” Halseth snapped back.

“It was worth it,” Guerrero responded.

These were the remarks made in relation to the April murder of 45-year-old Daniel Halseth, whom the pair are accused of killing inside of his Las Vegas area home.

Text messages also show that Sierra claimed to calm her grandmother’s concerns when her father could not be reached via phone.

“His phone has been acting up, but he’s okie. It should be all fixed by tomorrow night, no worries,” Sierra responded.

Halseth’s body was found later on, stabbed, dismembered and charred after his killers attempted to destroy the evidence.

According to 8 News Now, law enforcement have stated that the teens used Halseth’s bank cards and his vehicle to make their escape, stuffing a bloodstained rug in the trunk.

If convicted, Guerrero could face the death penalty due to being eighteen years of age.

Interestingly enough, Sierra Halseth is the daughter of former Nevada State Senator Elizabeth Halseth, who has not commented on the investigation.


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