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Reddit user highlights insanity of Bay Bridge anti-police protests



Reddit.com is an online forum notoriously known to be anti-law enforcement. However, one astute redditor, that goes by the name Greggo325, did his research on the cases highlighted during the recent Bay Bridge protest — and wants to set the record straight.

“I’m from the Bay Area – there a plenty of folks here who don’t agree with this b*llshit,” he says right off the bat.

The San Francisco Bay Bridge protests centered around the Black Lives Matter movement and paid special attention to OIS cases, which the reddit user does talk about.

But first he mentions that protestors –who’ve been covered in local and national media recently — take issue with cases involving eight black men who’ve been “murdered by Oakland police since June 2015.”

He says he took the time to look at the protestors’ list of demands — one of which he says “really caught my eye.”

The demands include the immediate termination of the officers involved in the murders of Richard Perkins, Mario Woods, Yuvette Henderson, Amilcar Lopez, Alex Nieto, Demouriah Hogg, Richard Linyard, O’Shaine Evans.

In his reddit post, Greggo325 says, “I looked some of these people up.”

“One ran from police and fell into a tight gap between two buildings, causing him to suffocate to death before police could locate him….Another beat a citizen, and when a policewoman arrived on the scene he started whipping her in the face with a chain. She pulled her gun and fired in self-defense.”

“Another pointed a replica firearm at the police when they were breaking up a sideshow car rally.” These were just some of the examples brought up in the thread. “I could have kept going but I decided I’ve seen enough,” the redditor states after his exhaustive research.

The MLK Day protest – -which shut down traffic on the Bay Bridge, causing “total chaos” for hours — focused specifically on the deaths of Mario Woods, Alex Nieto and Amilcar Perez-Lopez.

A civil rights lawsuit is pending in the case of Perez-Lopez — a 20-year-old Guatemalan man who pulled a knife and refused to drop his weapon when officers demanded he do so. For the Dec. 2nd shooting of Woods, protestors are demanding retribution. They want the police chief and mayor fired. A DOJ investigation is underway in that case. Nieto, a security guard, was shot in 2014 after he “pulled a Taser on cops, who mistook it for a gun.”

Basically,  in not one case were these ‘innocent’ persons ruthlessly gunned down by police, as protesters, and many in the media would have you believe.

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  1. “Reddit.com is an online forum notoriously known to be anti-law enforcement.”

    Really?? The author of this line clearly(and quite obviously) has NO idea what Reddit is. How ironic is it that a story intent on shining a light on the untruths and misconceptions “many in the media would have you believe”(about LE)……leads with EXACTLY that!

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