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Raw Video: Reno shooter who opened fire from elevated position Tuesday night dies


The man suspected of shooting up a street in Reno, Nevada from an elevated position is reported to have died shortly after being taken into custody- the only casualty in a hostage situation that miraculously had no innocent fatalities.

The incident took place on Tuesday night on the eighth floor of The Montage condominiums, located in downtown Reno. Prior to engaging the city below, the shooter barricaded himself and a hostage inside of the apartment.

Armed with a rifle, the shooter reportedly shot into the streets for half an hour before SWAT units breached his door, shooting him and putting an end to his bizarre rampage.

Miraculously, only the suspect was killed in the incident, with authorities puzzled as to whether the shooter was engaging anyone in particular with bad aim or just firing wildly into the streets.

As for the hostage, RPD Deputy Police Chief Tom Robinson said: “She’s obviously traumatized and shaken up.”

Robinson couldn’t confirm the exact make and model of the gun the suspect used, but he said it was a shoulder-fired rifle with 20 to 50 rounds of ammunition.

A resident who lives ten floors above the shooter, Vick Wowo told the Reno Gazette Journal that he and his girlfriend felt relieved knowing they were not on the same floor as the shooter.

“We’re not nearly as shook as we should’ve been,” he said. “But, I think we’re almost numb to it even when it’s right in your damn building. … Back to business, you know. Just hanging out watching TV now.”

Still, for a voluntarily-defenseless Wowo, the situation was still nerve-wracking when put in perspective.

“I was the most shook when I heard the gunshots,” Wowo said. “I don’t have a gun, don’t own a gun, never shot a gun so hearing that four times was kind of nerve-wracking.

For some bystanders, the shooting felt like an eerie -albeit poorly executed- facsimile of the Mandalay Bay shootings in Las Vegas earlier this year.

“When you heard it’s coming from above it reminds you of the guy shooting from Mandalay Bay … it’s scary you know? This is the same kind of town,” said Mike Pavicich, a Las Vegas resident who was in town on business.

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