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Rancher captures video of armed drug traffickers, human smugglers crossing the border onto his land


New surveillance footage out of the desert shows squad and platoon-sized elements of camouflaged men creeping through the arid terrain as they press towards their objectives, laden with gear and equipped with weapons.

This footage, however, is not out of Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq. It’s footage obtained from our own soil, taken on a 50,000-acre Arizona ranch.

John Chilton’s property has become a major highway for illegal immigrants and smugglers as they sneak both personnel and illicit goods into the United States from South of the border.

At 79 years of age, there isn’t much Chilton can do to stop them, despite demanding that the Department of Homeland Security step up operations. To prove his point, he set up surveillance cameras all over his property in an effort to show the world just how unsecured our borders really are.

The footage is mixed with that of the Arizona Border Recon, a veteran-founded citizen’s constitutional militia that was featured in the critically-acclaimed 2015 documentary, Cartel Land.

According to the Daily Caller, Chilton’s ranch is a hotbed for violent activity from the illegal invaders, as armed traffickers are more than willing to engage civilians and law enforcement personnel alike. In June, a US Customs and Border Patrol Agent was shot on a remote part of his ranch.

Despite accusations of inaction and indifference to the illegal immigration problem, Border Patrol agents are frequently overburdened by strict guidelines, policies and rules of engagement that not only render them less effective, but put their lives at considerable risk.

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