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Public defender asks PD to stop arresting people, says it’ll protect officers from coronavirus

Manohar Raju (Source: San Francisco Police Dept. Facebook/ San Francisco Public Defender Office)

San Francisco’s public defender has called for police to stop issuing citations and arresting people for non-violent crimes in an effort to limit officer’s exposure to possible coronavirus patients.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, Manohar Raju sent the letter on Wednesday urging Police Chief Bill Scott to take certain steps to protect his officers. “As we all follow recommendations to avoid congregating and preserving more personal distance than usual,” Raju wrote, “We must be especially mindful to reduce criminal legal system contact to the greatest extent possible, while also upholding the duty to protect public safety.”

He pointed out that officers should stop citing or arresting people for infractions misdemeanors, and non-violent felonies “unless there is a clear and present danger.”

There is no word if the San Francisco Police Department will listen or follow the Public Defender’s request.

There are more than 200 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state of California, with 23 being located in San Francisco.

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  1. Sounds like the San Francisco public defender needs to be 5150’ed and get his mental health checked for issuing a moronic statement. How about all the perpetrators obeying the laws and they wouldn’t need to be arrested.


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