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Protests planned after driver of stolen car runs over police officer, gets shot by another


The driver of stolen car was shot and killed by a Bridgeport police officer following a chase and a confrontation Tuesday night in which the driver hit another officer, state police said.

Officers tried to stop the car on Park Avenue about 5 p.m., but the driver kept going, leading the officers on a brief chase, traveling the wrong way on Fairfield Avenue and hitting several other cars, police said.

Eventually the the car stopped, and as officers approached and tried to take the driver into custody, the driver sped in reverse and hit one of the officers, pinning him beneath the car, police officials said. A second officer opened fire, hitting both the driver and a front-seat passenger were hit, state police said. They did not say how many rounds were fired.

The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, and the passenger suffered non-life threatening injures and was taken to a hospital, police said.

Both officers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, state police said.

Western District Major Crime Squad detectives responded at the request of the Chief State’s Attorney’s office and took over the investigation. An autopsy of the driver will be conducted by the office of the chief medical examiner. The driver has yet to be identified by state police.

Rumors were going around the Stratford school system that the driver killed in the crash was a student, officials said.

“The driver of the vehicle that was shot the students believe is one of our students,” Superintendent Janet Robinson said. “I have no confirmation.”

She said she sent a note out to parents that this was rumor was going around the school system to make them aware that their child might have heard it.

Crisis intervention teams were also in place, she said.

“Whether it turns out to be a student or not we have students who beleive it is,” Robinson said. “We have students that are grieving so we need to provide them help with that.”

Not long after the shooting, protesters from several towns gathered at the scene.

Bishop John Selders of Hartford said he and other members of Moral Monday CT headed to Bridgeport just after 8 p.m. to join what he called a rally over the shooting.

At about 10:30 p.m., he said there were at least 35 people protesting at the scene in the belief that the man who was shot was unarmed. Police did not release any details of the incident, including whether the car’s driver had a weapon.

Selders also said that protestors believe a video of the shooting was posted to Facebook and then removed from the site.

“We got in the car to be a witness and to come in solidarity with the community that’s asking questions,” he said.

Another rally was tentatively planned at 6 p.m. near the scene of the crime.

This is the second time an officer shot a teen in the city in recent weeks. In late March, 18-year-old Austin Carr was shot during an altercation with detectives and two armed suspects.

State police are also handling that investigation. They never identified the officers involved.

Following Tuesday night’s shooting, David McGuire, the executive director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut released a statement calling for authorities and lawmakers to come together for meaningful police reform.

“Police have killed another person in Connecticut, and another community is struggling to receive answers about what happened. How many people have to die or be seriously injured at the hands of law enforcement before Connecticut strengthens its laws to hold police accountable to the communities they are supposed to serve?,” McGuire said.

“The Bridgeport community deserves a swift, thorough, and transparent account of what happened and an equally comprehensive and independent investigation,” he said. “None of the answers provided by that investigation will bring back the life lost last night, but our state must find a solution to prevent this from happening again.”

Courant Staff Writer Rebecca Lurye contributed to this story.


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  1. Are people really too stupid to know that a vehicle is as deadly a weapon as a gun so it really makes no difference if the “suspect” had a gun because he had a weapon that weighed thousands of pounds and more importantly he used it. And btw it was a stolen car. Why anyone wants to be a police officer in this day and age never ceases to amaze me. So Mr. “Bishop” you are just one more part of the problem. So for you to go and be part of a rally when you knew nothing of what happened at that point is shameful and the ACLU once again is on the wrong side of things of course. They are a detriment to this nation and always have been. And things are so out of line now that it is even more harmful than ever. So if in two weeks or two months there is evidence that is differentl from the information available now then maybe people have a right to speak out. Right now they are doing nothing but causing trouble and making matters worse. And of course I can hardly wait for the news media to chime in with their unknowledgable opinions. WAIT TILL THE EVIDENCE IS IN AND THEN RESPOND BASED ON THE ACTUAL EVIDENCE AND MAYBE SOMETHING YOU SAY WILL BE OF VALUE.

  2. maybe the parents should raise their kids and not let society raise them to be punks or thugs. They were trying to kill a police officer so he was justified in shooting. And his stolen car was a weapon. Quit protesting when the asses get killed, raise them up right. He just got his participation award.

    • He was scared and trying to get away not kill a police officer. What world are you from that it is ok to kill an unarmed frightened child.

      • Josh needs his participation award too! Josh let me bring you out of ignorance and possibly save you and your family some grief. Lethal force is justified to, A) Stop a person from killing or inflicting great bodily harm on oneself or another, B) getting hit by a car can cause great bodily harm, or death, C) Lethal force is justified to stop a fleeing felon, car theft is a felony, D) whether intended or not causing the death of someone ( even your own partner in a crime ) while committing a felony is murder. In summation if he was scared perhaps he should’ve surrendered to the officers the odds are he’d still be alive.

      • frightened or not he ran over an officer. that is assault with a deadly weapon! you will get met with deadly force!! not to mention the little ass stole the car he hit the officer with!! I’m on the side of the offi on this one!!

      • CHILD ??? you retard..this was a CRIMINAL stealing a car, destroying LOTS of other peoples property ..then running down another human ( just happened to be a cop..could have be ANYONE or another child ) and got his ass shot and killed for being a wannabe thug.. so again.. i ask .. CHILD ? i think not

      • Josh, What do you mean he was scared? Did he tell you that he actually was scared and did not mean to run over a person (cop or not)? Did he tell you he just wanted to get away and was too stupid to try it on foot which is less dangerous? Nope, I bet not.

      • You mean a useless piece of shit? That punk knew what he was doing. Fuck that punk and the protesters who defend him.

      • You are a special kind of stupid. He was trying injure and kill them. Once a low life and low IQ thug, always a low life and low IQ thug.

      • “unarmed frightened child” You are joking. This idiot stole a car, ran from police, tried to run away when trapped and then was stupid enough to try to run over a cop. The idiot got what was deserved.

  3. The statement about that he had no weapon is wrong . The car was his weapon as noted he ran over two officers. Guns are NOT the only weapons a person can use.

  4. So Mr. Bishop, if you were pinned under a car that had just run you over you wouldn’t feel your life was being threatened? How about you give it a try? Let a complete stranger who is in a stolen vehicle come straight at you, knock you down, and then sit there awhile on top of you. Oh! Don’t forget…. You’re not sure if this stranger is armed so you’ll just have to guess. If you can do all that Mr. Bishop without blinking n eyelash you win. If not, shut the Rmbr343ll up and stay home!

  5. Don’t waste your breath or time trying to respond to the liberal crybabies that wont take responsibility for anything. They will protest no matter what if they don’t get exactly what they want every minute of every day. The Police are doing their job as they should. Maybe if they had such responsibility they would think again about protesting such non-sense.

  6. I guess the people involved seem to think that attempted murder of a police officer is not to be a reason for deadly force. It’s by the grace of God that a resident of the area wasn’t killed by this lawless individual. It’s about time that all people (including the blacks) accept responsibility for actions of a person.. I frankly am sick of it, and thank God for the officers trying to keep me safe.

  7. Had the officers not neutralized the threat posed by the CRIMINAL weilding a deadly weapon, the automobile (and a stolen one at that) they would have been derilict in their duty to protect the law abiding citizens from someone in control of a deadly weapon that had shown he had no regard for human life.
    I am surprised that the ACLU is not also accusing the police with restraint of trade since they stopped a criminal from practing his chosen profession!!!

  8. Looks like that car was being used as a weapon. Just love it when the vile communist ACLU which was created with the purpose of using our laws of our nation to destroy us. And how did kids ever cope with death and the tragic results of bad behavior without grief counselors. I realize tjere were a lot less of these type of events back in the day but still ….

  9. It is stories like this and the reaction of community leaders like BLM and including the mayor that make me just not care about black lives.

  10. These are paid protesters waiting for something to protest. They get a call……………the event doesn’t really matter to them. It’s work.

  11. “None of the answers provided by that investigation will bring back the life lost last night, but our state must find a solution to prevent this from happening again.” Wtf? How bout this DUMBASS….. Let’s start by NOT stealing cars and maybe even not trying to run over police officers hmmmm!

  12. The driver was armed with a 3-4 thousand pound motorized weapon and apparently tried to use it to kill a police officer. He most certainly deserved to be shot dead.

  13. “At about 10:30 p.m., he said there were at least 35 people protesting at the scene in the belief that the man who was shot was unarmed. Police did not release any details of the incident, including whether the car’s driver had a weapon”

    Ya know…..the media is just a bunch of pot stirring assholes to print this and poke the nest of the simpleton minded protestors. Did they just ignore the fact the drivers weapon was a 3500 lb piece of metal that was crushing someone?

    I’d really like to line each protestor and each member of the press involved in this piece up in a line, and stick my size 12 boot straight up some asses…..


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