Home News Protesters in Venezuela throwing bottles of human feces at riot police

Protesters in Venezuela throwing bottles of human feces at riot police


Demonstrators in Venezuela, now in their sixth week of protests against the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro, are reportedly responding to police’s tear gas attacks with so-called “poopootov cocktails” — bottles containing human feces mixed with water.

According to El Pais, the foul bombs made their debut during weekend clashes in the city of Los Teques, a few miles from Caracas.

According to Fox News, during a confrontation, a group of National Guard officers — militarized police — were the target of a feces attack. Fox reports many were seen vomiting as they attempted to take cover.

It seems the fecal follies aren’t solely reserved for Los Teques. Fox reports these types of “bombs” have made their way into San Cristóbal, Merida, Valencia and Caracas.

Fox says protestors aren’t only armed with excrement; they’re grabbing anything they can get their hands on.

Paint bombs are also becoming popular among demonstrators, who throw them at anti-riot vehicles to block the driver’s visibility, according to Fox.

The clashes come as Venezuelans continue to suffer from severe food shortages, triple-digit inflation and high crime, according to Fox.

The latest wave of unrest began in early April after the Venezuelan Supreme Court stripped congress of most of its powers, a decision it later reversed amid a torrent of international criticism, Fox reports.

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