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Prosecutors in Michigan release graphic photos of injured sergeant following public outcry


The Eaton County Prosecutor’s Office has released photos, showing the bloody face of Sgt. Jonathan Frost, following injuries he sustained during a fatal shooting back in February.

Photos of Sgt. Jonathan Frost's injuries were released by prosecutors after outrage that Frost would not face charges in the fatal shooting of Deven Guilford.
Photos of Sgt. Jonathan Frost’s injuries were released by prosecutors after outrage that Frost would not face charges in the fatal shooting of Deven Guilford.

According to a report in the Lansing State Journal, Prosecutors at first did not want to release the photos, but when they announced that no charges would be filed against Sgt. Frost, an eight-year veteran, the public’s reaction was so negative they changed their minds.

Photos of Sgt. Jonathan Frost's injuries were released by prosecutors after outrage that Frost would not face charges in the fatal shooting of Deven Guilford.
Photos of Sgt. Jonathan Frost’s injuries were released by prosecutors after outrage that Frost would not face charges in the fatal shooting of Deven Guilford.

Police say Sgt. Frost pulled Deven Guilford over Feb. 28 after he said the teen flashed his bright lights because he thought Frost’s were on. Guilford, who reportedly had marijuana in his system at the time, repeatedly refused to give Frost his driver’s license and was resisting arrest.

Frost initially used his stun gun on the teen, but then Guilford got off the ground, and was able to get on top of Frost in a snow-filled ditch and was hitting him in the face.

At that point, prosecutors say, Frost could feel blood in his mouth and felt he was about to lose consciousness before he removed his gun from the holster. In the 19-page press release that attorneys released, it said Frost’s gun did not fire at first, but he ejected an unfired round, chambered a new round and fired seven shots at close range in four seconds, all of which struck Guilford. He died at the scene.

There is no video of the confrontation soon after Guilford was stunned and stood up.

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  1. Really?????
    This thing is so simple “do what the police tell you to do”. Whether you get a ticket or not look him/her in the eye and thank you for their service. The last thing is to really mean it.

    • The officer has no business pulling people over in that situation. He pulled three people over that night for that same reason. AFAIC, this is a bully cop abusing his power to harass citizens. If people keep flashing their brights at you, TAKE A HINT AND TURN YOURS OFF!

      Another bully cop mooching off the publics tax dollars. Using our tax dollars to try to feel like a big man.

    • This is murder….this is murder and this was covered up. This poor kid. I weep for him. If you watch this tape closely you see he was calm, his sentences ended in Sir. He was not belligerent. He even said he was sorry. Officer frost admitted that he was third person to flash him. He simply was standing up for his rights as a US Citizen. His last words were along these same lines.

      There are youtube videos teaching citizens how to calmly question police officers. Deven was following this method exactly. He made sure his window was rolled down just enough to talk but not allow entry. When he saw the officer was becoming irrational, he informed him he was filming the encounter, after the officer tried to drag him out of his car he got really scared and called for help. This poor kid was possibly under the influence but he was also clearly terrified. He could not believe this was happening…he even looked at the cop when on his knees and said “really” motioning his left hand in disbelief as if to say…come on…this nuts.

      He did not realize that this psychopath had snapped and gone into kill mode. He had no experience to draw from…he was child. Next ….just a few seconds before he was ultimately murdered, Devon protested when Frost kicked his cell phone out of his hand and into the highway. My son’s I-Phone is his most prized possession…it is his best friend. He’s a teenager!!! Still in disbelief the kid turned his torso up and looked back at Frost and said…you can’t do this. That is when Frost tased him from two feet away. The taser needs more distance to discharge properly so the barbs just penetrated Devons back but very little voltage was transferred. This is when Deven finally realized he was in very real…horrible danger.

      Imagine yourself being face down on frozen asphalt and someone, without cause, shoots you in the back with a taser desinged to take down 400 pound men; the barbs hurt like hell as they penetrate deep under your skin, but the taser malfunctions and does not incapacitate you. Imagine if in addition to the barbs you are being painfully shocked at a lower level. No person would lie there. You would spring up in pain. This is exactly what happened to Deven. Put yourself in Deven’s situation. Use your imagination and let yourself feel the rising panic and fear and the adrenalin rush surging through your body to stop the pain and flee for your life.

      This poor kid panicked and was fighting for his life. Have there been any cognitive study on victims of a taser malfunctions. What happens to a person’s judgment when they are in excruciating pain and yet not fully disabled. When they are being electrocuted and capable of still moving? What would you have done.

      This 17 year old boy was clearly not use to violence. You can see it in the video and his demeanor. Imagine a young boy that has never been whipped, never been beaten, never even been slapped and has never even been in a fist fight. Imagine that as that kid you have no real understanding or reference of violence or what it even means when a police officer is shouting at you. Imagine you can’t recognize an escalating violent encounter. Imagine the only reference of someone shouting at you is when your mom opens your bedroom door and shouts at you for being late for school as you are still sleeping. Imagine if your only response and the one you have used your whole life is to throw your hands out to your side and say …really mom…really…come on…I’m going. These were the exact motions and words and mannerisms displayed by Deven while kneeling on the ground and looking at 27 year old Sgt. Frost standing over him in rage and anger…just 15 seconds before being brutally murdered.

  2. A documented case of a cop driving a car that he knows has lights that are too bright. He pulls over the guy for flashing his lights… which is NOT a crime then illegally detains him and illegally demands to see his ID. Then attempts to kidnap him and when the man refuses and fights back he kills him. Take away the costume. Since he had no right to stop him in the first place everything he did after that crime was a criminal act. I also don’t see any wounds on the officer. I see dried blood spatter which happens when you murder someone at close range. Oh… and conveniently, his body cam “failed” right before he killed the guy.

    How about… since he KNOWS that his lights are too bright that he simply accepts the fact that people are going to flash their lights at him and DOESN’T illegally detain anyone… or murder them? Could that maybe have been a better solution? I mean… he still wouldn’t get a free paid vacation out of it but Mr. Guilford would still be alive!

    • Yes, the stop was good. Yes. he has to show his ID. Body cams are not perfect. Southeast Alabama Cop block. Where is your video? Being you must have been there and know how every thing went down.

    • It is against the law to use your bright light on oncoming vehicles within 500 feet, so he did have the right to stop the male. Hence your whole rediculous argument is debunked. Next time check the law before you speak, otherwise it make you sound very uneducated

      • ” Next time check the law before you speak, otherwise it make you sound very uneducated”

        Says the guy who cant even spell ridiculous. And no, it is NOT against the law to flash your brights at someone to let them know they are blinding you. If I called the police on anybody for doing that to me, no officer in the whole country would do anything about it. This cop was on a power trip, looking for a paid vacation mooching off of my tax dollars. Bum might as well be on welfare.

      • Ya know what the sad thing is. The police and pro-police type of people have no retort except to call their opponent a “dumbass” and a “idiot”

        And yet our government gives guns to you unintelligent, immature little babies.

    • That idiot driving the car escalated it, and truth be told he could have stayed alive in handcuffs and lived to press charges, demand a civil investigation……..had he not physically assaulted a police officer……at that point you are committing suicide.

    • The real tragedy is that Mr. Guilford likely read paragraphs such as the one that “southeast alabama cop block” posted…. Great advice in your fairytail bubble world of anti-police, anti-crime, peace and happiness. My advice for “southeast alabama cop block”?? Go for a walk outside (don’t drive around aimlessly with your camera on record because you think everyone’s out to get you… it is 3AM in the morning and you’re driving around aimlessly, which is likely why you got pulled over… to make sure everything was alright), and get some fresh air of reality. You’re just as much adding to this war of “us against them” as anyone is. Your words and your bullshit get kids like this killed.

    • You’re a idiot! In my state it is illegal to flash your high beams at someone. How about you stop being a cop hater and let them do their jobs. You are probably the same kind of person that thinks it is ok to break the law then attack law enforcement when they come to stop you from committing a crime. move along dumb ass!

    • In Michigan it is, using highbeams within 500 yards of another car (either oncoming or same direction) is a moving violation.

      To signal a driver using brights we usually turn lights on and off.

      • TURN OFF!?!?!? You think it’s illegal to flash your brights (and if such a law does exist, I’m certain it’s not enforced) but you would recommend TURNING THE HEADLIGHTS OFF!?!?! That’s the most dangerous thing you could possibly do while driving a night!

        Jeez… wow.

    • Please provide the “documentation” you speak of to prove his lights “are too bright”.

      You might want to go back to drivers Ed if you believe it’s not illegal to approach another vehicle with your high beams on, even if you are flashing them.

      Why don’t you simply accept responsibility for your own actions, instead of blaming the people we hire to enforce our laws. Take a good look at what you have accomplished in your life….. you have only yourself to blame.

      The good news is you can change and become a better person tomorrow. Give up hatred and negativity and you will be a much happier and successful person.

    • Really???? What I see is a documented case of a hate filled, cop hating malcontent who has no idea what really happened, is making HUGE assumptions in a case about which all he knows is what he reads, and is showing his total lack of objectivity, bias, and prejudice. In short…….you are an idiot!

    • It is very simple pal, all the guy had to do is comply with the officer’s directions and then let the court decide if the stop was legal or not. If that guy complied he would probably still be alive.

      • “If that guy complied he would probably still be alive.”

        If he complied… would PROBABLY still be alive today.

        Spoken like a true LEO. Sociopath. GET OFF MY TAX DOLLARS!

    • It is completely legal for an officer to demand identification. unfortunately it looks as if that driver had misinformation about what he can and cannot do. it’s a simple fact. Comply with the officer and if the detention was unlawful take legal action. if you want to be stupid and get into a physical altercation was a police officer who does deal with violence people you’re risking your life as they need to protect themselves. If you were being physically aggressive towards them how are they to know that your intent will stop there? Seriously!? And the above comment about unlawful demand of identity and The officer not being injured when you can clearly see the abrasions on his face… You are a special kind of idiot.

      • ” you’re risking your life as they need to protect themselves.”

        Hello, tax payer here. I don’t pay police officers to run around protecting themselves and their buddies. Especially not when they’re the ones running around creating these situations in the first place. If I ran around harassing people like this, oh, I’d get arrested because that’s what police are for. When police do it, it’s no different. In a perfect world, a police officer would have been there to arrest that police officer for blinding people on the road and then pulling them over for it!


    • Actually in many states it is illegal and you can be pulled over for flashing your lights. Knowing something about how laws work in different places helps you to not look ignorant when posting.

    • First off a police officer can pull you over for any suspicion. Have respect for the officers and he wouldn’t have had any issues. As far as I’m concerned the kid was an idiot. I’ve been pulled over for stupid shit but I wasn’t stupid enough not to listen to the instructions from the officer. Use your head!! What was he gonna do beat the cop unconscious and then what? Go to jail for assault!? Brilliant!

    • Many marked and unmarked police cars have what is called a police package which includes but is not limited to a higher suspension, sirens, light bar, headlights with a much higher candle power than a regular passenger vehicle. Flashing your lights at an oncoming vehicle is a violation of the V.T.L. under a subdivision of “Dazzling Headlights” This applies to vehicles with headlights that exceed the proper candle power or to persons operating a vehicle flashing between low beams and high beams. Most people flash their high beams at oncoming vehicles with are perceived to have their high beams on, tickets for this are up to the officers discretion. It is also a violation of the VTL to drive with your high beams on constantly, this falls under the VTL section regarding “dazzling headlights” I was recently pulled over for driving with my high beams on steady for several miles. I was pulled over, asked for my license, registration and insurance card. I did as the officer asked. When he was done running my information through his computer, I was simply warned not to continue that practice. The problem with the fool in this situation is that he was uncooperative, refusing to turn over his papers for a license check and refusing to identify himself to the officer. Tickets issued under the VTL are in lieu of arrest. This may need some explaining to you. When pulled over for any traffic infraction, the officer is allowed and within his scope to put you in handcuffs, bring you to the police station and conduct all computer checks at the station house while you sit there in custody until he is done. If you’re a hard ass to the officer, you can expect your little detour to the police station to last up to 3 hours or whatever maximum time limit that particular precinct allows to process an arrest. A TRAFFIC TICKET/SUMMONS IS IN LIEU OF ARREST. If you have all your paperwork in order and comply with the officers orders to provide your license, registration and insurance, you will be issued a ticket or a verbal warning to not to do it again. This guy refused to turn over his paperwork and was being placed under arrest for refusing to identify himself so the officer could bring him in to properly identify him which can take hours if you will only be able to identify him by fingerprints. The subject was then being placed under arrest, not kidnapped as you put it. Kidnapped? He was lawfully being placed under arrest and resisted arrest by fighting the officer to the point of escalating into a violent struggle. The taser wasn’t effective, the officer had good reason to believe that this man was trying to cause serious physical injury to him or possibly kill him due to the injuries already administered to the officer and his feeling like he was choking on his own blood. You don’t see any injuries on the officer? What is that quarter inch gash in his forehead above the eyebrows? That’s not an injury? Did you also happen to see the cops profile? He has multiple contusions and knots on his head. Any idiot knows just how much the head bleeds. Blood splatter from the driver is one of the most ridiculous explanations that I have ever heard. Do you know anything about blood splatter in relation to close range gun fights? Hell, do you know anything about blood splatter at all? Obviously not. Let’s not forget either about the driver using marijuana. All this now deceased fool had to do was hand over his papers and he would have been on his way but he chose his own destiny being his thoughts were clouded by his own actions.

    • 1. The lights are not “too” bright. They are brighter than a normal car because they are new.
      2. He was detained on an investigatory stop. He was not illegally detained.
      3. hE did not “kidnap” him. he did not intend to ask for ransom or use the person as a shield or attempt to take him out of state or place him in involuntary servitude or have sexual contact with him.
      4. that is not dried blood spatter. Please do not talk about spatter if you do not know what one looks like.
      5. Do you really think he had time to shut off his camera? he was in a fight for his life. last thing on his mind is the camera
      6. Your comments lead me to believe that you are making comments out of ignorance. Please do not make comments until you get rid of your ignorance.

      • “1. The lights are not “too” bright. They are brighter than a normal car because they are new.”

        Three other people thought they were in fact too bright. HE PULLED OVER THREE OTHER PEOPLE THAT NIGHT FOR DOING THE SAME THING!

        So that’s 4 people in total… All crazy? Some weird medical eye condition? No, HIS LIGHTS WERE TOO BRIGHT, AND HE KNEW IT; PERIOD!

    • Actually, in Michigan, flashing your brights within 500′ of an oncoming vehicle is a civil infraction and grounds for an investigatory stop and detention. Michigan law also requires the driver of a motor vehicle to produce license, registration, and proof of insurance. Failure to produce the license is a misdemeanor and when committed in An officers presence is an offense for which a warrantless arrest is permitted. So now that you are aware of the actual law in Michigan would you like to reconsider your opinion or were the law and facts not inportant to you in the first place?

  3. Cop block, where did you get your information? How do you know the officers lights were to bright? Nothing like making up the facts to fit your agenda. There is nothing in the story to support your belief. Try u sing the facts, the kid flashed his high beams at another car which can blind the oncoming vehicle, that’s a MV violation! He refuses to cooperate during the stop because he has marijuana in his system, another law violated both its use and driving under its influence. Then he assaults the officer and gets shot. If he felt his arrest was unjust that is what civil court is for! Try basing your arguments on facts!

  4. Southeast Alabama cop block, your just as ignorant the moron that got shot. This is really just another case of another punk ass wanting to fight the cops. News flash, it doesn’t work out well.

  5. The traffic stop was for a civil infraction for flashing his bright lights at an oncoming vehicle closer than 500 feet. Deven had THC in his system with levels that suggests he used 3-4 hours prior. You are required by law to identify yourself and provide proper credentials when being pulled over. Furthermore, he disobeyed all the Sergeants commands and later attacked him. IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH THE RULES AND REGULATIONS SET FORTH BY YOUR STATE AND/OR COUNTRY, THEN G.T.F.O. Southeast Alabama Cop Block, you are a retarded group of individuals. Don’t spout off about the law if you don’t know it. I only hope you all need a Police Officer one day, and you don’t get one…

  6. I live in the area, used to live in Charlotte now in Olivet (the road this took place on is between Olivet and Charlotte). New cars have brighter lights, I agree. But flashing another car is, well I just explained it to Southeast Alabama Cop Block.

    This guy was being resistant beyond reason, someone arguing to be right rather than suck it up and fight it another day in court.

    I’m pretty sure this guy responded to an accident in Olivet two years back where I totalled my Lincoln, way too cool. He could have zinged me real good, but saw that I was punished enough.

  7. Cop block is such a joke. Always the first to say what the cop did was illegal yet they have no knowledge of the law. Cop block is a bunch of losers that go around with cell phone cameras annoying law enforcement. I am familiar with the law and law enforcement, I watched the video. The officer did nothing wrong. The subject should have complied and the officer was more patient than I would have been. So cop block stop using big words. You have no idea what your talking about. Good job by the officer.

  8. Your correct, its not a criminal act to flash your high beams, however it is a violation of the vehicle code. “KIDNAP”? Your delusional. Even if the police officer made a bad stop, citizens don’t have any right to decide if you agree or not. You do not get to resist. That actually constitutes an ADDITIONAL crime committed by the defendant and starts the encounter all over. New PC. There is case law to support that. Your just what the world doesn’t need, another “street corner lawyer”, giving bad advise.

  9. If your against us cops and fight us your a criminal and deserve the consequences of your ignorant thug actions! Please just use your brain and do everything we tell you to do! If not then you deserve everything bad that may happen from your criminal actions!

  10. Light travels faster than sound. Which is why some people appear bright until we hear them speak. SE Cop Block is a perfect example.

  11. The officers life will never be the same after this. A higher power will strike him with such a multitude of life tragedies, he’ll either confess or commit suicide.

  12. I would hope that this cop would spend the rest of is life in turmoil (professional and personally) if he thinks he is justified in what he did.

  13. He did that shit to his own head. That kid was 5,5 135 an that cop was 6,3 250. No way that kid did that to him. Kid Killer.

  14. The officer said he was pinned down with the kid beating him in the face and he was close to being knocked unconscious. The pic of this officers wounds do not coincide with his story. Look at the blood trail, There is no blood running down his face towards his ears as gravity would have take it. This injury was done while he was up right and never laying down at anytime after the injury. I call BS on the SGT. His buddies helped him out with a nice alibi. It is nearly impossible to get cut in the middle of your head with punches. Over the eyes, yes, on the bridge of the nose, yes. Another legal murder . Another point for the cops. They are winning.


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