Home News Proposed federal rules for NYPD include "Don't tell racist jokes"

Proposed federal rules for NYPD include "Don't tell racist jokes"


NYPost – Welcome to the remedial policing at the NYPD.

NYPD recruits are about to get intense training on how to be a model cop that includes such pointers as don’t be racist, don’t engage in ethnic or sexist jokes and always speak slowly and clearly — especially when addressing people with limited English skills.


Peter Zimroth, a federal monitor overseeing reforms to cops’ stop-and-frisk tactics under a court order, asked Manhattan federal Judge Analisa Torres Monday to greenlight 140 pages of new training material – including power-point slides – to the current class of cadets who will be graduating this June.

Among the rules set to be hammered home on rookies:

  • Do not tell or tolerate ethnic, racial or sexist jokes.
  • Avoid expressing stereotypical assumptions.
  • Do not imitate the speech patterns of others.
  • Do not use terms or words that devalue groups of people.
  • Do not engage in racial profiling, adding “it diverts us from catching real criminals.”
  • When dealing with people who use English as a second language “speak slowly and … clearly” do not use jargon, slang, idioms, or reduced forms (e.g. “gonna,” “gotta,” “wanna,” “couldja”)

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