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Prominent Bernie volunteer says, “go shoot the nearest police officer in the face”


A prominent volunteer in the campaign to elect Democratic Socialist and US Senator Bernie Sanders has shown his true colors, adding yet another name to the list of political extremists in Sanders’ ranks who advocate for violence.

Chicago-based lawyer Yusuf Naqvi let his extremism fly free in the winds of the Twittersphere after he advocated shooting police officers.

“Go shoot the nearest police officer in the face,” he wrote.“They are the bottom enforcers of a system that profited from such poverty and decay that we are now jobless and homebound with no income nor healthcare to help us through this crisis. Go shoot the nearest police officer in the face.”

The tweet has since been deleted, though screenshots were saved.

Spouting almost cartoonish far-left rhetoric, Naqvi’s comments did not hit far off the bat from comments made by other extremists who support Sanders.

That said, this isn’t Naqvi’s first anti-police statement. In 2019, he claimed that the police were a white supremacy movement.

“The police are the largest, most dangerous white power group in America, with millions of members, military-grade weapons and even permission of law to harrass, beat and murder black and brown people,” he wrote. “Antifa should focus their efforts on the police, but they’re just too dangerous.”

Naqvi sees a silver lining to the coronavirus outbreak as well, claiming the pandemic could incapacitate enough elderly people to allow Sanders to be elected.

“This campaign won’t give up,” he wrote. “Anything could happen. Coronavirus could put elderly voters out of the election and finally let young people decide the fate of the nation. Or it could lead to such anarchy that we end up literally carrying Bernie on our shoulders into the White House.”

According to The Post Millennial, the Sanders campaign was exposed by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, who recorded several volunteers and staffers calling for violence and showing support for Antifa.

In 2017, former Bernie Sanders campaign member James Hodgkinson was gunned down by police after he opened fire on 24 Republican congressmen who had gathered at a Virginia park to practice for the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity.

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  1. He is another Shitcago IslamoMarxist, just like Barry Soetoro. He will go down when TSHTF and Joe Citizen actively watches our LEOs’ six.


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