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Problems for New York judge with DUI continue; now she faces felony gun charge


A New York judge was arraigned on firearms charges that may land her a Class E felony.

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio is facing a charge of attempted criminal purchase or disposal of a weapon after she allegedly attempted to purchase a firearm, despite a DUI conviction-related probation condition that would make such an act a criminal offense.

Astacio reportedly tried to buy a Maverick 88 shotgun at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store, the employees of the aforementioned store refusing the sale after learning she had previously attempted a purchase at one of their sister stores.

The judge denied the allegations given to police by Dick’s employees, claiming it was her sister who tried to buy the 12-gauge shotgun.

“I don’t play with guns, I’ve never had a gun, I’ve never touched a gun,” she said.

However, Astacio reportedly showed her driver’s license to authorities, adding that she didn’t know why she wanted a shotgun, but felt she needed one.

According to WHEC, the allegations are based on information and belief by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and signed depositions from Dick’s Sporting Goods employees.

Judge Astacio was elected in 2012. Her term expires in 2024 and she has been barred from hearing cases since allegedly violating her DUI probation terms.

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