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Pro “red flag” gun bill sheriff loses support of county commissioners because they think it violates the 2nd Amendment


It’s a battle of the wills in Colorado. Douglas County commissioners are say they are willing to withhold or divert money away from the Sheriff’s Office if the sheriff chooses to enforce the “red flag” gun proposal that’s currently working its way through the state’s Senate.

HB19-1177 bill, also known as the Zackari Parrish Violence Prevention Act, would allow family members or law enforcement to ask a judge for an extreme risk protection order in order to remove guns from that person’s possession.

It’s already passed the House and is on the Senate floor. It’s expected to pass there and move to the Governor’s desk, who has said he would sign it into law.

According to KDVR, the county commissioners voted unanimously against the proposal and say they will take whatever steps they can to protect people’s 2nd Amendment rights.

The county’s sheriff, Tony Spurlock, who was recently re-elected to another four-year term, is a supporter of the bill.

At least 12 Colorado counties have declared themselves as “2nd Amendment sanctuaries.” The sheriffs in those counties have also said they would not enforce the law if it were to pass.

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