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Pro-Palestinian protesters attempt to climb the White House fence, assault Secret Service agents



At a large demonstration in the US capital Washington on Saturday, tens of thousands of marchers called for “Freedom for Palestine.”

The protesters called for a ceasefire in the fighting between Israel and Hamas and for the US to stop aid payments to Israel. The organisers said it was the largest pro-Palestinian demonstration in the history of the United States, in which 300,000 people took part.

Celebrities such as actress Susan Sarandon and singer Macklemore also took part. Official police estimates of the number of participants were not initially available.
After a rally in the afternoon, many demonstrators marched in front of the White House.

A journalist from the “New York Post” published a short video from the crowd on X, formerly Twitter, showing the demonstrators shaking the fence in front of the US President’s official residence and smearing the pillars of the fence gate with hand-prints in red paint. They were unable to gain access to the White House grounds.

President Joe Biden was at his beach house in Delaware on Saturday.

The protest was organized by an alliance of civil rights and anti-war groups.

Among the largely peaceful demonstrators, some stood out with placards referring to US President Joe Biden as “Genocide Joe” because of his support for Israel.

One speaker on stage incited the participants to chant with him: “It is right to rebel! Israel can go to hell!”

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