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Prius driver leads trooper on low-speed chase before she threatens him and his family


A woman in Washington state led troopers on a low-speed chase earlier this month, allegedly refusing to stop because her power-anemic Toyota Prius had “sh*tty” tires.

The Washington State Patrolman reportedly attempted to stop the 2011 Prius north of Seattle after noticing expired tags. Despite use of lights, siren and loudspeaker, the vehicle continued on for a half mile before stopping in the middle of the road at a red light.

When the trooper ordered the woman to pull over to the side of the rode, she refused.

“I will not,” the woman protested. “I drive a Prius. I am not pulling over there.”

The woman then said she would pull into a bank parking lot down the road. Unsatisfied with what he felt was an excuse to flee, the trooper began pulling her out of the vehicle.

“You’re f***ing up, dude,” the environmentally-conscious 42-year-old driver said, according to the police report. “I am going to own you, I am going to own your kids, I am going to take your house from you.”

The woman was eventually removed from the vehicle and explained that her tires kept springing leaks, which is why she refused to risk running over debris on the side of the road.

“Priuses have sh*tty f***ing tires. You are just a bully, and you are rude,” she told the trooper.

According to Fox News, the lawman said the woman also made several nonsensical statements, including “I am not contracting with you today.”

“I am f***ed all because I am in a bad mood, because my f***ing day went too long,” she said. “I am so tired of my tires f***ng…5 hours on the side of the road to get the tires done.”

She was eventually booked on three misdemeanor charges and released the following day. Her name has not been released to the public.

According to the NHTSA complaints database, popping tires are not a common issue with the 2011 Prius.

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