Home News Princeton professor claims racism at traffic stop, video shows completely different story

Princeton professor claims racism at traffic stop, video shows completely different story


In an infuriating bogus case of persecution, Princeton professor Imani Perry claims that she was treated unfairly during a traffic stop because of her race.

Perry, a professor of African American Studies at the Ivy League university, wrote of the incident that she was treated “inappropriately and disproportionately” and “the fact of [her] blackness is not incidental to this matter.”

However, recently released dash cam footage shows a completely different story. The NJ State Troopers involved in the incident could not have been more courteous and professional. And based on the evidence in the video, that she is wrong when she speculates, “we have a serious problem with policing in this society particularly with respect to Black people.”

It’s also important to note that Perry was driving with a suspended license and had a warrant out for her arrest. One of her main complaints is that the officers did not allow her to make a phone call once they placed her under arrest, however, they did explain why. “You can make a call as soon as we get to the station, it’s just so we can get you off the street as quickly as possible,” they said.

All in all, this is just the latest in a series of false claims against police based on the issue of race and law enforcement. The most troubling factors are that her side of the story is widely being reported by news outlets like the NY Daily News without context, and that she’s indoctrinating impressionable young minds with a false sense of persecution.

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  1. The only one who is racist is Ms. Perry. She was the one who broke the law yet she is blaming the police for doing their job. Hopefully you don’t teach social policy. PAY YOUR TICKETS and own up to your lack in judgement.


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