Home News Powerball winner blows $21 million on bail for her boyfriend,’Hot Sauce’

Powerball winner blows $21 million on bail for her boyfriend,’Hot Sauce’


A North Carolina woman who won a $188 million Powerball jackpot last year said she was going to spend the money on her children and church. So far, she has risked $21 million of her winnings bailing her alleged drug dealer boyfriend out of jail.

According to FOX News, Marie Holmes, a single mother of four, won the jackpot in February.

Since then, Holmes has spent nearly a quarter of the $88 million she took home bailing her boyfriend Lamarr “Hot Sauce” McDow out of jail on three separate occasions.

At the time Holmes won the jackpot, McDow was in jail on heroin and weapons charges. After receiving her payment, Holmes posted McDow’s $3 million bail.

In July, McDow was facing a weapons charge, and Holmes posted his $6 million bail to get him out of jail.

Earlier this month, McDow was arrested for a street racing infraction and Holmes posted his $12 million bail.

McDow’s bail doubled every time he violated the terms of his release.

In total, Holmes has spent somewhere between $1.4 million and $2.1 million getting McDow out of jail.

McDow is scheduled to make his first appearance on the street racing charge on Jan. 19. If he doesn’t show up, Holmes is going to lose $21 million.

McDow was arrested twice in 2014, and authorities said they confiscated about 2,500 bags of heroin during separate incidents.

After his girlfriend won the jackpot, McDow still couldn’t stay out of trouble. He was arrested in July for violating the terms of his release, and was allegedly found with a weapon and some marijuana.

Earlier this month, authorities arrested McDow, who they claim helped to organize a race of two Corvettes that were traveling 100 mph in a 45-mph zone.

McDow also has prior convictions for violent crimes and drug possession.

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