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Poor Choice: Carjacker fatally shot while trying to steal retired Chicago police officer’s car


A retired Chicago police officer neutralized an armed individual trying to carjack him in the Windy City on Wednesday.

Fearing for his life, the retiree opened fire with his personal sidearm, mortally wounding the suspect several times in the upper torso.

The suspect -identified as Chicago resident Lazarick West- was taken to the hospital and later died under medical care. His two accomplices were later rounded up by authorities and a handgun was found at the scene.

Bystanders report hearing no shots, but do recall seeing suspicious behaviour.

“No gunshots at all, they were looking pretty shady I guess, which I didn’t want to assume that, I just thought they were just standing there talking,” said Michael Farrell, who is visiting Chicago. “They kept looking over their shoulder a lot and they looked at me and I just kept walking. I didn’t pay attention to it at the time.”

According to ABC7, the retired officer is in his 60s and finished his career around eight years ago. Due to his pensioner status, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability will not be investigating.

Interestingly enough, the incident was lumped in with several cases of “gun violence” by the Chicago Tribune earlier this morning, despite being what appears to be a case of self-defence.

Other mentions of firearms-related deaths include that of 16-year-old Martin Duncan, who was fatally shot several times in a South Austin neighbourhood on Wednesday afternoon. Police reported that witnesses were not cooperating with investigators.


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