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Poll: Americans believe there’s a war on police and think unfavorably about Black Lives Matter


A recent Rasmussen poll shows that a large number of Americans believe there’s a war on police and an overwhelming number of Americans give positive ratings to police in their areas.

Most American voters have an unfavorable opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement which formed in the wake of the Ferguson protests two years ago.

Only 26% believe that the movement supports the types of reforms that will ensure all people are treated fairly under the law.

54% believe the so-called Blue Lives Matter law should be enacted in their states to make attacks on officers a hate crime and increase the penalties on such attacks.

Only 20% believe police discrimination against minorities is a problem, while 70% point to inner city crime as being the bigger problem.

Finally– 41% agree that the US justice system is unfair to black Americans and an even higher percentage — among all voters — feels the US system of justice is unfair to most Americans regardless of race.

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