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Police union says Dallas chief is “in over her head,” want her removed after she blamed society for rash of violent crimes

Police Chief U. Renee Hall (Source: Dallas Police Dept. Facebook)

The National Latino Law Enforcement Organization’s Dallas Chapter is calling for the removal of the Dallas Chief of Police, claiming she is “incompetent.”

During a news conference Wednesday, the association -one that represents over 1,400 of DPD’s 2,900 officers- said Chief Renee Hall is “in over her head” and should step down or be fired by City Manager T.C. Broadnax.

“She’s in over her head,” said George Aranda of NLLEO. “She fails to listen to rank-and-file she doesn’t wanna take any advice from the organizations I mean we are the pulse of the police department.”

Meanwhile, the Black Police Association claims that the NLLEO is slandering Hall, claiming that the call for removal is part of a calculated attack.

“The Black Police Association of Greater Dallas is firm and unwavering in its support of Police Chief Hall,” the organization wrote in a statement. “We feel Chief Hall has been under an orchestrated attack ever since her hire. Chief Hall inherited one of the most volatile police departments of all time and has done a stellar job attempting to right this troubled ship.”

Earlier this month, Chief Hall said social-economic issues are “forcing” people to commit violent crimes.

According to CBS Local, Dallas City Manager Broadnax has issued a statement of support in regards to Chief Hall.

“I am confident that Chief Hall and the dedicated officers of the Dallas Police Department are focused and committed to ensuring that the safety of our residents is a top priority,” he said.

Hall’s time as chief of DPD has been controversial, particularly in regards to her firing of well-liked assistant chiefs. In addition, she posed for a photo with a community activist whose downtown march in 2016 led to the deadly ambush, where Micah X. Johnson killed five officers and wounded nine people before he was killed by an EOD robot.

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