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Police stop woman from creating mass casualty event, prevented her from driving in Thanksgiving 5k

Source: St. Petersburg Police

A Florida woman defied the orders of police officers multiple times, driving around barricades, and waved off officers as he approached driving her Range Rover at 60 miles per hour at thousands of runners in St. Petersburg.

According to Fox 13, Ashlee Morgan drove around officers, dismissed their commands, and drove around multiple traffic stops trying to go to an unknown destination early Thursday morning. Morgan was stopped to listen to a group of officers at one point, but dismissed them and threw her hands up to ignore their commands.

Nearly 3,000 runners had already started the annual Turkey Trot 5k. All of them were headed for the front bumper of Morgan’s Ranger Rover.

Morgan eventually fled a stop after police had asked her for ID. She then drove down a closed road when she was blocked again. In an attempt to get around that closed road, Morgan did a multi-point turn and smashed her car into a stop sign. She drove away and ran into another blockade where police were finally able to pull her out of the vehicle.

Morgan faces several charges including resisting arrest, fleeing an officer, and leaving the scene of a crash.

Police reported they had to use pepper spray on Morgan twice as she fought officers as they attempted to put her in a police vehicle.

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