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Police save dog that was shot, tied to railroad tracks


TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A dog that was tied to railroad tracks and shot was expected to survive Thursday after being found by police.

GetStoryTampa Police received three calls about 5:23 p.m. Wednesday from people reporting hearing gunshots. When they heard a dog whimpering while canvassing the neighborhood, they followed the sound to nearby train tracks. They found the mixed-breed female dog, about a year or two old, fastened to the tracks with a belt, suffering from bullet wounds in its neck and right shoulder.

They alerted the train operator to halt any oncoming traffic as they got the dog off the track, then rushed her to a veterinarian. Bullet fragments were found throughout the dog’s body and could lead to the amputation of her right front leg, where multiple fragments were found. The dog was in stable condition Thursday, and the surgery was possible overnight or Friday.

“She’s doing well. She’s eating, she’s drinking, she’s in good spirits,” said Mike Lord, a veterinary nurse who was caring for the dog.

None of the individuals who had called police had seen anyone with a gun or were aware of the dog being injured, police said, so they put out a public appeal for anyone with information to come forward and tips have flowed in. “All of the tips are leading officers in the right direction,” said Sgt. Gary Coller, one of the officers who responded to the incident.

The officers named the dog Cabela.

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  1. You police officers are heroes in my book. You see things most of us will never have to see, deal with people most of us will never know. I salute all of you. You are great. Stay safe!