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Police repeatedly called to home because of Halloween decor


A Detroit woman’s Halloween decorations have some people wondering if they include a real dead body.

Onlookers stop and see the dummy lying in her yard and run in, ready to take action, perform CPR, or help in anyway they can.

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Others just see the body and call 911. Larethia Haddon, the woman responsible for the prank, says she’s been visited multiple times by both the police and EMS even though every year she calls and tells them about the dummy.

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But, she also says she doesn’t mean any harm. She hopes to bring laughter to her Detroit community. Her husband’s birthday is on Halloween so she always tries to go out of her way to make it special.

For most people, who might at first be afraid or concerned, realize it’s a dummy and laugh then head on their way.

One woman who stopped chuckled and said “I was about to give CPR to a dummy.”

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