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Police release video of officer shooting train passenger while crew member attempted to detain him


A police department in California has released body camera footage related to an officer-involved shooting aboard a passenger railcar last year.

Nicholas Detweiler, 32, was a passenger on an Amtrak train traveling south through Siskiyou County on Christmas Day.

Detweiler was the subject of a 911 call from Amtrak, claiming the man was threatening people with brass knuckles.

When the train stopped at Mount Shasta, MSPD Officer Jeremiah Capurro approached Detweiler, who had a hood from his sweatshirt pulled over his head.

When Capurro pulled the hood off and spike to Detweiler, the latter became startled.

With a taser and flashlight pointed at him, Detweiler asked if he needed to grab a bag of his and depart the train. He appeared under the influence.

A scuffle broke out, with Detweiler taking brief control of the officer’s Taser, causing it to discharge. Detweiler also grabbed his brass knuckles and mounted them to his hands.

Detweiler struck the officer in the face, ringing his bell and nearly knocking him out.

A train employee stepped in and grabbed Detweiler by the neck, allowing Capurro to smack the brawler a few times with a baton.

Detweiler refused to comply with orders, attempting to reason with the officer, who had now drawn his sidearm.

As he attempted to strike the Amtrak employee with his brass knuckles, Detweiler was mortally wounded as Capurro discharged six rounds.

Detweiler would not leave the train alive.

According to the Record Searchlight, Capurro suffered a moderate brain concussion and was treated alongside several passengers.

He was initially put on administrative leave but has since returned to duty.

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