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Police release body cam footage of Prairie View City Councilman being tased


The Prairie View Police Department recently released body cam footage of Jonathan Miller, a Prairie View, Texas City Councilman, getting tased on Thursday. The video showed footage from the two police officers at the scene.

In the video, Miller is seen on his knees. In the background, two officers were yelling “Put your hands behind your back. Put your hands behind your back! Quit resisting and put your hands behind your back.”

Officer Goodie, the female officer in the video then says, “OK he’s gonna have to Tase you, you’re not doing like you’re supposed to.”

In a separate video shot by Miller’s friend, Miller is on his knees with his hands at his sides despite the officers telling him to put them behind his back.

According to KHOU, the situation started when Goodie pulled up to question three fraternity brothers that were practicing a dance routine in front of Miller’s house.

“There’s been drug activity, little girls and little guys in the car doing whatever, so when we see this, we come investigate,” Goodie says on the tape.

At that point, Miller came out of his house and asked the officer what was going on.

“They were at my house,” he said. “OK, I don’t know that pulling up,” Officer Goodie answered. “OK, that’s fine, I’m not trying to be combative or anything,” said Miller. “OK, I’m not either,” replied Officer Goodie.

During the interaction between Miller and Goodie, a second officer is seen in the video. Officer Kelly told Miller to step away from the scene. “This is a scene, come on,” said Kelley, reaching for Miller. “Officer, please do not put your hands on me,” said Miller.

“Go over there before you go to jail for interfering, go over there before you go to jail for interfering.”

Miller took a few steps back, and Kelley continued following him.

“Go back there to the end, man. You always starting problems, so go back over there,” said Officer Kelley. “I live here,” Miller answered. “I’m gonna tell you one more time to go back over there and get out of this scene before you go to jail for interfering,” said Kelley.

Kelley told Miller to back up a few more times. After a few steps, he reached out to grab Miller and told him to turn around. Miller pulled his arm away and said, “I’m not saying nothing, get your hands off me. I’m not saying nothing.”

After Miller had pulled his arm away, the footage became unclear. Police officials say the two men fell to the ground and started wrestling. Kelley’s body cam fell to the ground during the scuffle.

Miller was arrested and spent the night in jail. He was charged with interfering with police and resisting arrest.

KHOU interviewed Miller after his release. When asked about the incident, he said, “It went from me asking questions, to me basically being put face down on the ground. I’m curious to have a conversation with those officers.”

The Prairie View Police Department is conducting an internal investigation to determine if the officers did anything wrong.

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