Home News “Police officers will get hurt:” Community leader threatens law enforcement in DC

“Police officers will get hurt:” Community leader threatens law enforcement in DC


A Washington D.C. politician issued a threat toward police officers on Twitter after a viral video showed a tense situation between a group of protesters and D.C. police officers that ended in four arrests.

Anthony Lorenzo Green is an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for the 7th ward of the city, which is along D.C.’s east side, where the incident reportedly took place.

In response to the video, Green tweeted saying in part, “This will be a HOT summer and one of your beloved DC police officers will get hurt. I tell you no lies!”

According to WTOP, police are investigating the incident.

The viral video doesn’t show the entire story, only the section where an officer slaps a phone out of a man’s hands, pushes him, and then the arrests.

The arrest affidavits state the person with the phone, “took an aggressive fighting stance, balled his fists and advanced toward” the officer.

This is all happening as Police Week continues in our nation’s capital.

D.C. police say they are looking into body cam video as well.

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