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Police officers create way for other officers to cheat while on duty


Remember your days in the police academy, trying to remember all the different state and federal codes before the big exam? Even long after training with one’s FTO, remembering every little thing can be a challenge- and sometimes, it’s important to have those resources at the ready.

We get it, it’s impractical to remember everything, and it’s even more impractical to carry a library of books around in your vehicle. After all, trunk space is a premium these days.

This is where the Pocket Brainbook app comes in. With state-specific variants as well as federal and general, the Pocket Brainbook is the most comprehensive police reference application in existence.

Can’t find the code you’re looking for, but frequently run into the scenario where you need it on hand? There is now a feature to add codes, and even request updates through the app. It doesn’t get any more personal.

Not only is the Pocket Brainbook the cheapest and easiest all-in-one reference app around, it’s the most dependable. Routinely reviewed and constantly being updated, the Pocket Brainbook developers are more than happy to accept input from agencies in order to ensure you have all the information your department needs.

If you need case laws, no problem! the Pocket Brainbook’s expansive library of easily-referenced case laws is always at your fingertips.

In addition to codes and laws, the Pocket Brainbook has other invaluable resources, such as a multi-lingual copy of the Miranda rights, a translator, vehicle stop report generator, Standard Field Sobriety Tests and even a digital notebook, which allows you to photograph items of interest and take notes for future reference.

Similar aps might come at $45 a year. But not the Pocket Brainbook- for the price of four bucks a year, you can unlock all the premium content on a free to download app designed for cops, by cops.

If you believe in the motto of “work smarter, not harder,” then you absolutely need this app.

The app is available for download on IOS and Android here.

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